Beach Safety

BEACH SAFETY RIP CURRENTS can be unpredictable, dangerous and deadly! Please use good judgment while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. LOOK FOR: Unusual Choppiness Discoloration of Water Debris & Foam moving seaward RIP CURRENTS CAN BE DANGEROUS Learn how to identify and avoid them: If you're caught in a Rip Current, don't panic. Swim parallel to the shore until the current weakens, then swim back to the shore. Beaches - Panama City Beach, Florida Rip currents are strong, localized rivers of water that usually flow away from the beach at a surprisingly high velocity. Usually they are associated with large waves and strong offshore winds, but not always!! In rare cases, rip currents occur during calm conditions. BEACH WARNING FLAGS Beach Warning Flags WATER CLOSED TO PUBLIC Beach Warning Flags HIGH HAZARD - High Surf and/or Strong Currents Beach Warning Flags MEDIUM HAZARD - Moderate Surf and/or Strong Currents Beach Warning Flags LOW HAZARD - Calm Condition, Exercise Caution Beach Warning Flags DANGEROUS MARINE LIFE